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Photo (Left): Catherine Yass (2000) - Image (Right): Shul Pinkas (1903)

Image by Shul Pinkas (1903) Beis Hay

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Jewish Tribune - 8th September 2005

Kehillas Yaakov Hosts Lady Jakobovits
David Russell

Nearly 100 people crammed into the Kehillas Ya'akov shul on the Commercial Road in Stepney on Sunday for a very special afternoon with Lady Jakobovits. It was one of many events marking the European Day of Jewish Heritage and Culture. Kehillas Ya'akov, one of the last four shuls still open in London's East End, is undergoing a renaissance as younger Jews move back into the area and help the established elder residence of the East End to keep the one-hundred-year-old shul alive.

Lady Jacobovits was in conversation with Ruth Franks of Stanmore, former Chair of

United Synagogue Women, whose grandfather was the former secretary of Kehillas Ya'akov and whose father Jack Wolkind, former Chief Executive of Tower Hamlets was Bar Mitzvah at the shul.

The discussion was interlaced with some of Lady J's favourite songs, Sheyiboneh Beys Hamikdosh, Esoh Eynai and Oseh Sholem Bimromov, sung by Jewish East End Celebration Society member Barry Davis. The event, was one of hundreds across 26 countries in Europe all who joined together to mark the day which was co-ordinated by B'nai B'rith Europe and the European Council of Jewish Communities.

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