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Hackney GazetteHackney Gazette - 27th October 2005

Bodyguards to protect
Hasidic Jews from attacks

A team of FBI-style bodyguards are being employed to ferry Hasidic Jews through Hackney.

The Congregation of Jacob synagogue has taken the unpresidented step to protect its members from attack. The move comes amid rising numbers of reported hate crimes in the borough.

Four bodyguards from the synagogue went into action for the first time on Tuesday night.

They escorted Rabbi Yaakov Potash and nine young men from Stamford Hill to the synagogue in Commercial Road, Stepney.

They were linked via short-range radio headsets to the security team at the synagogue so they could call for back-up if necessary.

Mike Gold, restoration manager at the Congregation of Jacob, said: "There were no problems in the murder mile. Last year there was an incident in Stepney Way where some children threw bottles at visitors to our synagogue.

"We have decided to provide security to reasure our visitors against any abuse. If people are thinking of shouting any abuse, they will think twice.

"We would normally pick them up with a minibus but because it is a holy festival we are not allowed to drive."

Reported hate crimes in Hackney, including those of a religious or racist nature, have risen fron 4,967 in 2003/04 to 5,120 in 2004/05.

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