Photo of Shul by Catherine Yass (2000)

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Over 100 years of service to our community - Founded 5663-1903
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Photo (Left): Catherine Yass (2000) - Image (Right): Shul Pinkas (1903)

Image by Shul Pinkas (1903) Beis Hay

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The Labours of Jacob

Cycles at the readyFor many this may be hard to believe, but David Russell and Jacqueiline Levy trained for an all-day multi-sporting marathon across London on Sunday 18th September 2005 to raise money for the Congregation of Jacob (Kehillas Ya'akov) Synagogue Renovation Fund.

The Labours of Jacob set off from Kehillas Ya'akov in Stepney at the unearthly hour of 7am and had to finish back there in exactly twelve hours time, having cycled the kabbalistically significant distance of 36km (in gematria 18 is equivalent to Chai - life - and so because there is two of them...) and completing an array of labours across London:

  • The MonumentRunning a full circuit of Victoria Park
  • Ice skating 20 circuits at Alexandra Palace
  • Swimming the circumference of the bathing pond on Hampstead Heath
  • Completing a full-round of crazy golf at Broomfield Park
  • Rollerblading around the Serpentine in Hyde park
  • Rowing boats across the lake in Regents Park
  • Climbing the 311 steps of the Monument to the Fire of London
  • Bowling till we get a strike at Elephant & Castle superbowl
  • Complete a round-the-clock darts in Aldgate

Running in Victoria ParkWell done to the both of them as they raised close to £2500. All money raised will go towards the Congregation of Jacob Synagogue Renovation Fund, for vital repair work to help conserve what is the last East European folk-art synagogue in the country.

Thank you to everyone who supported this event.

Oars at the ready



Visit the Labours of Jacob Website

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